2014 Writing Contest: 100 Years of Change: Once upon a time...Before TV!

First Place Creative Writing

How the Birth Control Pill Revolutionized the Economy

Alexandra Kokinchak, Aurora High School, Aurora, OH, Teacher, Mrs. Jenna Schadle

The Pill

The year is 1960
The beginning of a decade of revolution
The age of space exploration
Of bus boycotts
Of bra burning.
The beginning of a shift: Cultural
Political Economic.

Rumors spread throughout hair salons and
Club meetings and luncheons
Hushed whispers of a magic pill
That would change the world.

FDA approval—the first flame
That ignites the fire.
Millions choose The Pill
A momentous transformation occurs.

The clacking of high heels
Is soon heard on the nine a.m. commute.
A great migration
Like a flock of birds flying south
Toward a brighter future.

The average family shrinks
As the size of the workforce grows.
Jobs are created
Productivity skyrockets
GDP reaches record levels
Women are empowered
Because of The Pill.

From white picket fences
To office cubicles
From childrearing,
To career climbing
Women can make a choice.
They can control their future
Because of The Pill

Today, women hold nearly half of all jobs
And produce forty percent of the GDP.
The global economy has grown
As participation of those
With x-chromosomes

Without The Pill...
Without women...
Our economy
Wouldn't be the same