Economic Commentary in the Classroom

Are you looking for ways to spark discussion about current economic events?

Motivate your students' learning with current event discussions

Here you'll find questions to help motivate current event discussions. The questions are based on state education standards and can be used as a teaching tool to spark discussion about:

The study questions (and suggested answers) below are linked to Economic Commentary written by Bank economists. For questions, comments, or suggestions about the questions that follow, e-mail us at or call us at 216.579.3188.

Available Question Sets

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Economic Commentary :: Time-Consistent Rules in Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Economic Commentary :: The College Wage Premium

Economic Commentary :: Do Bank Branches Matter Anymore?

Economic Commentary :: Are Jobless Recoveries the New Norm?

What is meant by a jobless recovery?

Economic Commentary :: A Credit Score is a Ranking Not a Score

What is a credit score?