Financial Reporting and Data

Financial Data

Financial data is intended to be a source for those interested in detailed data on bank and industry performance during a given period of time. Our goal is to provide comprehensive industry data about Fourth District bank holding companies and depository institutions as well as a resource to find financial statements and performance reports for banks and bank holding companies.

Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting provides critical information relevant to the submission of reports filed with the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, including report forms, instructions, reporting frequency, submission deadlines, series and regulatory contacts, as well as links to electronic submission, series change proposals, and the Federal Register.

Forms used exclusively by the Federal Reserve have numbers preceded by the letters FR; those used by other federal banking agencies as well as the Federal Reserve have numbers preceded by the letters FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council).

Large Bank Conference Materials and Resources

"4 Reporters" Bulletin

"4 Reporters" is a bulletin aimed at keeping fourth district depository institutions up-to-date on regulatory reporting.