Speech Topics

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Breaking the Housing Crisis Cycle
The housing crisis cycle unfolded differently in the Midwest than it did in other parts of the country. Discussion focuses on the interconnected nature of the problems that led to the crisis and the Cleveland Fed’s proposed plan for breaking the housing crisis cycle.
Demystifying the Federal Reserve
Most people have heard of the Federal Reserve but often don’t know exactly what the Fed does and why. This speech will clear up some common misconceptions about the Fed and give an overview of its varied - and unique - responsibilities.
Regional Economic Outlook
Commentary on economic and financial issues of interest to residents and businesses in the Fourth District - Ohio, western Pennsylvania, eastern Kentucky, and the northern panhandle of West Virginia.
National Economic Outlook
Discussion of current national economic conditions.
Current Economic Policy Issues
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland economists discuss their research in areas such as labor markets, banking and financial institutions, and international markets.
Bank Regulatory Issues
Examination of emerging issues affecting Fourth District financial institutions such as safety and soundness, banking conditions and trends, and laws protecting consumers’ rights.
Payments System
Discussion of payments services the Federal Reserve provides to depository institutions and the federal government such as electronic payments, check processing, and cash operations.
Community Development
Topics include community and economic development, land banking, access to credit and capital, and foreclosures.