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Conference on Monetary Economics

Conference held August 13-17, 2001

Papers Presented

  • Specialization, Trade, and Money
    Robert Reed, University of Kentucky (with Gabriele Camera and Chris Waller)

  • The Endogenous Emergence of Monetary Exchange
    Brett Norwood, University of Pennsylvania

  • Price Posting, Price Dispersion, and Inflation in a Random Matching Model
    Allen Head, Queen's University (with Alok Kumar)

  • Partial Acceptability of Money
    Andre Shevchenko, Michigan State University (with Randall Wright)

  • Currency Portfolios and Nominal Exchange Rates
    Ben Craig, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland (with Chris Waller)

  • Dollarization via Currency Substitution
    Chris Waller, University of Kentucky (with Gabriele Camera and Ben Craig)

  • Monetary Stability and Incomplete Information
    Luis Araujo, University of Pennsylvania

  • A Simple Model of Money and Banking
    Ed Nosal, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland (with David Andolfatto)

  • On the Emergence of Banking: Kiyotaki-Wright with Shifting Neighborhoods
    Christian Zimmermann, University of Quebec at Montreal

  • On Efficiency in Search Models of Money
    Aleks Berentsen, University of Bern (with Guillaume Rocheteau and Shouyong Shi)

  • Existence of Monetary Steady States in a Matching Model of Money
    Tao Zhu, Pennsylvania State University

  • A New Framework for Monetary Theory and Policy Analysis
    Ricardo Lagos, New York University (with Randy Wright)

  • Optimal Allocations in Random Matching Models of Money
    Alexi Deviatov, Pennsylvania State University

  • End of Days
    Gabriele Camera, Purdue University (with Filip Vesely)