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On the Law and Economics of Payments Systems

Workshop held February 1, 2002

The purpose of this workshop was to bring together people from the research, legal, and financial services areas of the Federal Reserve System, plus a few outside academics, to share ideas and opinions about interesting payments issues. Our objectives included creating an awareness of who is thinking about what, to promote more networking.

Papers Presented

  • Competition and Innovation in the Consumer e-Payments Market: Considering the Demand, Supply, and Public Policy Issues
    Brian Mantel, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

  • The Regulation of Payment Providers: Balancing the Objectives of Preventing Significant Runs on Banks, Reducing Barriers to Entry and Innovation, and Preventing Regulatory Arbitrage
    Jamie McAndrews, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

  • Promoting Electronic Payments in the Post-Rivlin Committee Era: Practical Issues Needing Resolution To Spur the Development of More Electronic Payments Products and Usage
    Jack Walton and Michele Braun, Board of Governors

  • Clearinghouse Settlement Accounts at Central Banks: Financial Market Risk Management and the Evolving Payments System
    Robert Steigerwald, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

  • Dollarization and Payments: Should Countries That Dollarize Their Currencies Also Dollarize the Legal Foundations of Their Payments Systems?
    Thomas Baxter, Federal Reserve Bank of New York