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Research Analyst

Daniel Kolliner, Research Analyst

Daniel Kolliner is a research analyst in the Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. His primary interests include urban economics, banking, and economic history.

Born in Hudson, Ohio, Mr. Kolliner is a graduate of Oberlin College and holds a BA in economics and history.

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March, 2014 Daniel Kolliner; Yuliya Demyanyk; Economic Trends
Abstract: During the last recession, the aggregate level of household credit began to fall, raising concerns about the prospects for the recovery. The decline suggested that consumers could be scaling back their demands for credit and lenders could be unwilling or unable to lend. Finally, in the last two quarters of 2013, the total level of outstanding household credit has begun to rebound. But even though household credit has risen, the debt burden has not.



January, 2014 Daniel Kolliner; Ozgur Emre Ergungor; Economic Trends
Abstract: During the Great Recession, household wealth fell nearly 20 percent. Due to the sluggish growth of the economy, it took five years for households to recover the lost ground. Since 2011, the growth of household assets and net worth has been on a strong upward trend. Should we worry about this trend, given that the Great Recession was preceded by a similar boom in household assets? We don't think so. Unlike the pre-recession period, the current growth in assets is not carried on the shoulders of overextended consumers who are racking up substantial debt.