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Why is a dollar worth a dollar? Who makes money? How did we buy things before we had money? Come explore the history of money, how it shapes our world, and its central role in our lives.

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Get interactive with our money, finance, economics and Fed themed online activities

Money Museum:

Take a fun, educational trip to the Money Museum right in downtown Cleveland. Explore money and the economy in our interactive museum, or schedule a tour of our facilities for your school, organization or community group. All for free!

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Come see the Money Museum. Open Monday-Thursday from 9:30—2:30. Admission free.

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Bring the Money Museum to You:

The Fed Scholar Story Project

Read their stories. Discover their lives. See their city. Come back soon to read Somewhere in Cleveland, The Fed Scholars Story Project.

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Order our popular Great Mind’s Think: A Kids Guide to Money workbook or our Wizard of Oz booklet. As many copies as you need… all for, you guessed it, free!

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Borrow one of our exhibits to display in your school or institution for free.

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Have a financial literacy or economic education speaker from the Fed meet with your group for free.

Federal Reserve History

December 2013 marked the 100-year anniversary of the Federal Reserve Act, learn about more than a century of central banking through our resources.