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Saeed Zaman


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Saeed Zaman is an economist in the Research Department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. Mr. Zaman's research interests include inflation and prices, macroeconomic forecasting, monetary policy, and banking and financial institutions. His current research focuses on inflation measurement and forecasting and nowcasting methods, a technique used to monitor the state of the economy in real time. In addition, he contributes to the development of macroeconomic forecasting and policy models.

Mr. Zaman joined the Cleveland Reserve Bank in 2002 as a research analyst. His work ranged from analyzing economic conditions to developing software applications.

Mr. Zaman has a bachelor's degree in computer engineering from the G.I.K. Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology in Topi, Pakistan. He holds an MS in computer science from the University of Southern California and an MA in economics from Cleveland State University.