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  • MCPI 2015-2

    July 2017 Median CPI Release

    The median Consumer Price Index rose 0.2% (2.0% annualized rate) in July. The 16% trimmed-mean Consumer Price Index also rose 0.2% (1.8% annualized rate) during the month. Current Median CPI

  • Fraud and Scams Involving the Federal Reserve Name

    Consumer Alert: Scam Involving Federal Reserve Bank Routing Numbers

    Attempting to use Fed routing numbers to pay bills could result in late fees or other penalty charges. Read more.

  • This Just In

    The latest Cleveland Fed Digest features Q&A about affirmative action bans and our latest on job growth in 2 metro areas. Read it now.

  • Cleveland Fed Appoints Community Affairs Officer

    Emily Garr Pacetti was appointed vice president and CAO, effective July 31. Read more.

  • Home Lending

    Home Loan Outcomes Vary by Race, Income, County

    In new analyses of HMDA data from 2 Fourth District counties, Allegheny and Cuyahoga, our researchers look at mortgage lending in pre- and post-Great Recession periods. A Forefront article highlights 4 findings the reports reveal.

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  • Warehousing: A Historical Lesson in Central Bank Independence

    Owen F. Humpage

    This Economic Commentary explains how warehousing—a seemingly innocuous institutional arrangement between the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury—came to threaten the Fed’s independence. Warehousing began as an arcane procedure designed to help the Treasury cover a specific type of foreign-exchange exposure. It then grew into a supplemental source of funding for the Treasury's foreign-exchange interventions. Eventually the procedure morphed into a sizeable off-budget source of funding for other Treasury activities and seemed an inappropriate subversion of the congressional appropriations process, a development that raised concerns within the Fed about its ability to conduct monetary policy free from political concerns. Read More

  • Measuring the True Impact of Job Loss on Future Earnings

    Pawel Krolikowski

    The effect of job displacement on future earnings losses has often been calculated by comparing the earnings of individuals who suffer a displacement at some point in their career with the earnings of those who never lose a job. I show this approach leads to an overstatement of the earnings losses following displacement and discuss an alternative that can ascertain the true effects of displacement in some instances. Read More

  • Stabilizing Local Housing Markets in Cuyahoga County: Blight Elimination

    Kyle Fee Tasia Hane-Devore

    Ten years removed from the housing crisis, local housing markets are still feeling the negative effects of the collapse. The share of foreclosed homes has declined from peak levels, but blight remains an obstacle to stabilizing local housing markets. Strategic interventions to eliminate blight balance demolition and rehabilitation of homes in order to promote housing market stability. Read More


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  • 09.18.17

    Harvesting Opportunity: The Power of Regional Food System Investments to Transform Communities

    The Regional Food Systems event will discuss the ways communities use regional food strategies to advance economic and community goals and explore models for collaboration across sectors.

  • 11.30.17

    2017 Financial Stability & FinTech Conference

    The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Office of Financial Research, and the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business invite you to attend the 2017 Financial Stability & FinTech Conference on November 30 – December 1, 2017, in Washington, D.C. This year’s conference will highlight research and facilitate discussions on the financial stability implications of financial innovation on policy and regulation.

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